Advantages and disadvantages of Application Management Services ( AMS ).

Application Management service AMS

Organizations of all sizes must manage a staggering number of applications. This number can easily reach thousands for enterprises.

IT resources can become overwhelmed by the enormity of this task. Your IT team can't focus their efforts on growing your business if they have to manage these apps. If you are looking for a professional organization that takes care of Application Managed Services in your company, You can indeed contact sureworks. Sureworks is one of the Application Managed Services providers in India

What is Application Managed Services?

AMS allows you to have your business applications monitored and maintained by a managed services provider, for a monthly fee.

We've outlined some of the benefits and drawbacks of AMS to help you decide if it is right for your company.

Which of the Following Are You Concerned About?

Are you looking for business applications?

It is becoming more expensive to maintain our applications.

Application Problems during 'Off-Hours" go unfixed until the next business day

My developers lack experience in legacy languages

When there is a new system update, my workflows break.

Benefits of Application Managed Service

The Skills Pool is available to all

CIOs worry about their ability to hire and retain IT talent every year. You will need multiple people to manage your critical business applications. They must be able to use the various programming languages and maintain the platforms.

With AMS, you don't have to worry about how your IT staff is constituted. Your managed service provider will have the ability to access top specialists who meet your business requirements.

This can be a huge cost-savings advantage as you won't have to spend time looking for IT skills.

Your AMS service provider will monitor and maintain your applications and handle all day-to-day tasks such as bug-fixes, patches, and anything that might disrupt business processes. A managed service provider that has infrastructure specialists will also analyze your network and ensure it is performing at its best for your application requirements.

Your IT department can now focus on what they are best at - developing technology solutions that will help grow your business. Do you remember that project that you have been discussing for years but never got around to working on? With AMS, you can.

Scalability without Effort

Your main goal as a leader in business is to grow your company. What better solution than one that grows with your business? AMS solutions can be scaled.

Your managed services partner can purchase additional software/application licenses for you as your business grows. Your AMS managed services provider can help you adjust your contract to meet your specific needs.

Get new insights into your business

Your AMS provider will employ the best app developers and managers to give you a fresh perspective on your business operations based upon the collected support metrics.

You won't have to worry about managing your business applications anymore. With this new insight into your organization and its operations, you will receive suggestions and improvements based upon assessments in ways you might not have considered.

Protect Your Mission-Critical Business Applications

You want to avoid any downtime that could cause havoc for your business apps. You cannot afford to lose your bank's mobile banking app.

Security risks and downtime can have a significant impact on your brand. For example, Fortune 1000 companies can suffer a loss of revenue as high as 8% due to IT failures.

Look for AMS providers that have security experts on staff. This will ensure that all compliance and security concerns regarding your business applications can be dealt with by your trusted partner. With the knowledge that your business applications are protected and monitored, you can rest assured.

Advantages and disadvantages of Application Managed Service

There is no perfect solution. There are situations where AMS may not be the best choice for your company.

Is it worth the cost of AMS?

As a business leader, it is important to consider the cost of running your business. Your apps might be slowing failing, and your overall app efficiency may be trending down for some companies. However, it is not necessarily going to kill your business.

You might only require support for certain applications, so you decide to focus your AMS contract on those apps.

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AMS Does Not Equal Vendor Management

Every AMS provider is not created equal. You may need additional services for your business depending on the services offered by your managed service provider.

Nearly 98% of businesses use their third-party partner to get additional services. You should remember that AMS offers insight from third-party experts, which can give you visibility into your business operations. So, make sure to use your AMS provider to its fullest potential.

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