Google Product Statergy :

                      Google is the No.1 search engine in the world. It launched so many products like Google phones and Google Assistant.

Google products
Google Products

Search & explore :

                       This content covers four economic products. It is the head of the Google. It determines Search, Map, Translate and Chrome Browser.

1. Search : 

                    Now, Search is very simple to use browsers. At present so many browsers found. But 95% of people's using only Google. Because it's trust and legal services.

2. Map : 

                At present the most popular map is provided by Google. It gives more details like satillite view, Traffic's etc. Mobile users easily to find location via Google map. It's one of the largest area covered and non-profit services provided.

3. Translate : 

                          In this world thousands of languages found. The certain contry of people's Write and speak only local languages. So, it need to translate foreign language to known language. Translater is required for this process. Google provides free Google Translate service. It supported 45+ languages to translate.

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