Speedup your mobile phone within simple steps. Mobile occurs a lot of data like cache, Empty Folders, Unwanted cookies and files.

Reason for slowdown :

           If you using daily internet, some unwanted cookies / files are occured your mobile space.

           Empty folders slow down your mobile. Eg: 0kb files and folders.

Watch above video to learn full process.

            More important things are,

  • Maintain free space above 30-40% in your mobile,
  • Clean unwanted high storage Files ( video, audio and Document files ),
  • Clean empty folders and 0kb sized files in your mobile,
  • Uninstall unwanted applications in your mobile phone,
  • Clean junk files on every week one day to improve your mobile performance.

              Follow above steps to improve your Mobile performance & user experience without any lagging or hanging.

              Now, you use low value mobile like 2GB RAM/16GB ROM never install any third party unwanted applications. It reduces mobile performance and space.


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